Flower Arrangement 101

Most Common Types of Flower Arrangements Made by an Expert Florist

Flower arrangement is an art that aflorist takes pride in doing. Creative artists like them take this art very seriously just to give you the perfect set of flowers for your event.  Like magic, they make simple flowers, and even wildflowers, look glamorous… and just perfect.


Here are some common flower arrangements that a florist can do:



A horizontal arrangement is among the basic types. It is long horizontally and usually a low arrangement. For a classic arrangement, it is always done symmetrically, which means the length on both sides is the same. Moreover, the placement of flowers is mirrored to the other side.  This type of floral arrangement is often used as a table centerpiece.



It is usually a very tall flower arrangement with a small width. Flowers with tall stems and leaves like roses, tulips, and carnations are commonly used for this type of flowerdesign.  It can be either a classic vertical arrangement or an interpretative vertical arrangement.



Like a triangle, this type of flower arrangement uses the tallest flowers in the middle while the shorter flowers are placed on the sides. Also, the height of the arrangement should be more than the width. A triangular flower arrangement is usually favored in wedding events.



To make an oval flower arrangement, the most vivid and tallest flowers must be placed in the center. It is usually used for formal occasions such as weddings and even funerals.



A minimal arrangement is one the easiest type of a floral arrangement. It is popular to use for indoor decoration. It represents simplicity and elegance at the same time, which is perfect for weddings and other formal occasions.

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