How to Pick Your Wedding Bouquet

Picking the Right Flower Design for Your Big Day


Is your wedding day approaching? You have already begun with the preparation and it is time to check different flowers for weddings? There are numerous places where you can get inspiration from. But you should start by picking the design for your bridal bouquet first. Here we will share with you some tips for picking the perfect flower arrangement that will complement the theme of your wedding and look great with your dress!


Pick the dress first

Flower DesignerWhen the moment for picking your wedding flowers comes it will be best if you have already chosen your wedding dress. Bring a picture of the dress and samples of the fabric to your florist, so you can together pick what will look best with it. The bouquet should complement your silhouette without unbalancing the line of your dress. If you have already chosen the bridesmaid’s dresses, you can also bring samples of their fabric too. The more details your florist has, the better he or she will understand your style.


Consider the size and shape of the bouquet

When picking the flower design, shape, and style, you should consider it`s overall look and dimensions. For example, if the skirt of your dress is big, flowy, and detailed, consider getting a bouquet that will balance it and will not distract from it. You can get a big and dramatic arrangement when the details of your dress are at the back so it can add to your overall look. If possible, hold some flowers in front of a mirror, so you can see for yourself how the different arrangements will look with your silhouette.


Pick a comfortable bouquet

Wedding bouquets should not only be beautiful but comfortable too. Always consider what you are comfortable with beforehand. If you are having a big, day-long wedding, think about getting a lighter bouquet, as you will be carrying it with you all day. Think about if it is comfortable to be held with only one hand, while you are greeting all the guests too.
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